Mushrooms – How to Grow and Care for Mushrooms Easily

Do you like mushrooms?

When you buy mushrooms from a supermarket, we are not sure about how they grow and are not safe to eat. Growers might use some pesticides or harmful chemicals like potassium or zinc to grow more quickly than the actual maturity time and to look beautiful. Though it tastes good at the beginning, later you may face some severe health problems.

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How Fencing Ideas Makes You a Better Garden Lover

Fencing is expensive and has different options for fencing which can impact the cost.  The selection of the fence is determined by its application and cost. A fence can serve a variety of purposes including security, privacy, safety and beauty to your garden. Here is the list of some popular DIY fencing ideas that makes a better garden lover to introduce in your garden space….. Continue reading “How Fencing Ideas Makes You a Better Garden Lover”

11 Amazing Rock Pathway Ideas to know in your Garden

 Rock Pathway Ideas

Garden design is the process of designing and creating innovative ideas for garden and landscape plants. It gives you a clear idea about how to maintain garden by providing soil, water, sunlight and nutrients to the plants. Materials used to design modern rock pathways are stones, metals, pebbles, glass, and wood.  It not only brings beauty to the garden but also provides fresh air beneficial for your health. Following these rock pathway ideas may help to look the garden beautiful and environmentally friendly.

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Best Plants you can Regrow From Kitchen Scraps

 Foods that Grow from Kitchen Scraps

Growing fruits, vegetables and herbs in your home from kitchen scraps (organic waste) is the best way as it results in high yield gain. You just need time and patience to take care of newly establishing plants by providing sufficient water and sunlight. It saves your money and time to bring groceries and fertilizers from stores. Here is the list of 20 fruits, herbs, and vegetables that you can replant and grow from the kitchen wastes such as carrot tops, lemon peels, avocado pits, onion bottoms and tomato skin that you normally through away.

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Best ways to Water Indoor Plants while you are Away

Water is a transparent and colorless substance that comes from rivers, lakes and oceans. Its chemical formula is (H-H-O). 71% of earth’s surface is covered by water and is vital for all living forms like human beings, animals and plants. Plants need water to develop beautiful flowers and tasteful fruits. It also helps to prevent plants hanging heads in summer.

When you water the plants you must have an idea about when to supply and how much of water is essential for your indoor plants. The main Advantages of watering plants are to keep the soil moist as they depend on moisture to promote the growth of roots. For flowering plants, it’s better to water (plentifully) once or twice a week rather than watering a little often.

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