The 10 Best Drought Tolerant Plants that Grow in Lack of Water

Drought tolerance may refer to which a plant is adapted to arid or drought conditions. These drought tolerant plants make use of carbon fixation to capture more energy in plants during photosynthesis process. It is also good for arid conditions as carbon dioxide at night times allowing stomata to stay close during the daytime and reduces water loss. Desiccation tolerance is the extreme degree of drought tolerance. Another species called xerophytes have adapted to survive in the little liquid environment especially in arctic regions.

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10 Best Perennial flowering plants for your Backyard


Perennial is a flowering plant that lives more than 2 years and bloom next year on their own because of its roots that has better access to nutrients providing a longer lifespan. Gardeners often grow perennial flowers as it is easy to take care of and offers variety of colorful flowers with its sweet aroma.

Perennial flower garden looks beautiful and keeps the surrounding atmosphere pleasant with beautiful flowers by spreading fragrances. They also attract bees and butterflies for pollination. They can be easily grown in containers or through landscape with little or no woody growth. Its appearance in yards depends upon the shape of your plants and how they are arranged in order. Here is the list of top 10 perennial plants that can be grown in your garden areas.

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Top 10 Pergola Plants to Grow your Pots

Growing pergola plants in pots bring the beauty of outdoors to inside. It improves the quality of air, makes the environment feel more refreshing and boosts your mood. Many studies show spending time in nature helps to lower blood pressure and other health problems. It also boosts immune function and triggers relaxation.

These are the top 10 most popular pergola or climbing plants that you can grow in pots or garden space worldwide.

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Amazing way to Grow Peony in your Home


Peony is a flowering plant in the family of Paeoniaceae. It is originated from Asia, Europe, and North Western America and in Mediterranean regions. The plant has large, deeply lobed leaves with fragrant flowers and colors ranging from purple, red, white and yellow.  It grows well in spring and late summer season.

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Roses in Your Garden | Can I Grow Roses in a Pot

Rose – Rosa

Rose is a woody perennial flowering plant in the family of Rosaceae.  There are more than 100’s of species all over the world. It is native to Asia, Europe, North America and North Western Africa and is best known as ornamental plants for their flowers that spread beautiful fragrances.

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