10 Best Fruits to Grow in Your Pots

Growing your own food is a better way to you and the environment. Planting them in the pot is a great way to produce healthy and tasty fruits that guide your health. There are many other factors that are essential for the growth of crop plants. It includes soil fertility, water & sunlight, climatic conditions. When you plant indoors make sure it gets enough sunlight throughout the day. Here is the list of top 10 popular fruits that are grown in pots or large containers worldwide.

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Step by Step Procedure for Growing Pomegranate Plant from Seed Indoors

Can I Grow Pomegranate from Seed Indoors

Punica granatum is the scientific name of pomegranate. Pomegranate is a plant that grows to 5-8 meters tall. Pomegranate flowers are bright red with 3-7 petals. Fruit is round shaped with thick reddish skin and seeds may vary from 200-1400. The dwarf variety is most popular as an ornamental plant in gardens. They are used in oils, cooking, baking, meal garnishing, smoothies and alcoholic beverages like cocktails, vodka, and wine.

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How to Grow an Apple Tree from Seed and Grafting

Apple- Malus Pumila

Apple is best known for its sweet fruit and cultivated worldwide. They are originated in central Asia and grows vigorously in Europe, China, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan. Trees become large if you start growing from seeds. Farmers often cultivate apples using grafting technique that reduces the size of the tree. It grows to a height of 2-4 meters. Leaves are dark green colored ovals with margins. Blossoms are produced in spring with the budding of leaves.

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How to Grow Papaya Tree in a Pot

Papaya or Carica Papaya is a perennial plant that grows in both tropical and sub-tropical regions.  It is native to tropic American countries like Mexico and California. They grow well in several countries like Africa, India, Florida, Philippines, Caribbean Islands, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, and Hawaii.

Papaya Plant Structure

Papaya is a small sparsely branch tree with a single stem growing about 5 – 10 meters. The leaves are confined at the top of the trunk. Leaves are large about 20-40 centimeters in diameter with 7 palmate lobes. Flowers are parted; male flowers have stamens fused to the petals, female flowers have a superior ovary with 5 petals connected at the base. Papaya flowers are sweet-scented, open at night and pollinated. Continue reading “How to Grow Papaya Tree in a Pot”