10 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

10 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes cause deadly diseases to humans like malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya and yellow fever. To overcome such problems we usually prefer mosquito coils and sprays which contain toxic chemicals like permethrin, esbiothrinm, and allethrin that are harmful to human’s health.

You can overcome such problems by growing mosquito repelling plants at your home with less space. It’s a wonderful natural method that will keep you safe from mosquito bites and spreads beautiful fragrance in the home or apartment.

Here are top 10 plants which will keep mosquitoes away from your home.


10 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

When you leave windows open you find bugs at your home. Mosquitoes can be pesky and cause skin irritation. Lavender has fresh, sweet, floral, herbaceous aroma and used as natural mosquito repellent. It grows at home and used in the production of oils, perfumes, powder and many other products.

Pick lavender flowers about to open and place them in a dry and clean jar. Cover the flowers with the base oil like olive oil or almond oil.Now place it in sunlight for 2 weeks. Now it’s ready to use and apply onto the body, it completely relieves stress, promotes restful sleep and eliminates dandruff.

It is the best way to prepare Oils and sprays at your home than buying in markets. Anti-oxidants like linalool, camphor, linalyl acetate have used in commercial oils and sprays.

Consuming excess amounts of lavender may cause vomiting, scratching and experiencing diarrhea.

Lemon Balm

10 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Lemon balm is a perennial herbaceous plant. It is a “calming herb” for its mild sedative action. To grow lemon balm at your home requires moist, rich and well-drained soil. It grows up to 70cms height and temperature about 30C.   The leaves have a mild lemon scent that contains a high level of compounds called citronellal hated by mosquitoes will not drive them towards you.

Health Benefits

  • Rubbing lemon balm leaves on your skin will keep insects away.
  • Lemon balm helps to reduce stress, anxiety, promote sleep and cough.
  • It has many uses in medicinal, aromatic and cosmetics as a facial steam to clean the skin.


10 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Rosemary is an evergreen shrub with blue flowers. It is a pungent and distinctive herb with a sweet, resinous flavor and planted in your home to control mosquitoes.

To grow rosemary set out in spring with seedlings 2-3 feet apart. It prefers full sunlight; well-drained soil with a pH between 6 – 7. The anti-oxidants like rosmarinic acid, camphor will repel mosquitoes and thereby be protecting you from bites.

Rosemary is rich in iron, calcium and vitamin B-6. It tastes good in culinary dishes, rosemary chicken, and lamb.

Health Benefits

  • Rosemary is very safe and non-toxic to humans.
  • It helps in treating circulation problems, toothache, intestinal irritation, kidney damage and menstrual bleeding.

Citronella grass

10 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Citronella is one of the most popular plants that contain fragrance in its foliage. Crushed leaves of citronella release aroma that helps to repel mosquitoes. It has a unique smell and can grow up to a height of 5 feet in warm climate conditions.

The oil extracted from Citronella plant in commercial bug sprays is responsible for repelling mosquitoes. It does not give any side effects but it is not recommended to use for pregnant women and children. In order to buy bug sprays from outdoors which is costly, can be prepared at home using citronella grass.

Take (1/3) cup of filtered water, (1/2) cup of Aloe Vera gel and 4 teaspoons of citronella oil. Mix all the ingredients and shake vigorously. Wait for the mixture to become a milky white color texture. Apply it in your home, it spreads beautiful fragrance and protects you from mosquito bites.


10 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Marigold is commonly grown as ornamental border plants that are orange in color. It is abundantly seen in summer, thrives in full sun and humid conditions with reasonably fertile soil. It is inexpensive and readily available at garden centers. Optimum temperature range to grow marigold is 18C-25C. If the temperature is above 35C it restricts the plant growth that leads to a reduction in flower size and number.

Marigold contains a compound called pyrethrum which is used in many insect repellents. Pyrethrum is a natural insecticide that is made from flower heads. The fragrance produced by it is offensive to mosquitoes which will keep them away from entering the house.

You have to start growing marigolds from seed indoors. Take a pot filled with hygiene soil and sprinkle the marigold seeds in it. After few weeks it grows larger and the plant containing anti-oxidants like pyrethrum will keep mosquitoes away.

Health Benefits

  • It is safe and non-toxic to humans.
  • It helps to treat minor elements like rashes, allergies, treat burns and eczema.


10 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Eucalyptus is referred as a biopesticide containing cineole, globulol and cuminal aldehyde compounds in it and helps repel mosquitoes. Plants with aromatic leaves are used in herbal preparation.

Choose a small variety of eucalyptus for indoor growing. Use potting mix for indoor plants and Place it in a bright (warm conditions) location preferably in a sunny room to grow in a well-defined manner. Plants containing antioxidants will repel insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and gnats.

Health Benefits

  • Eucalyptus oil helps to change dull and lifeless hair to shiny hair.
  • It is highly effective for treating respiratory problems such as asthma that allow more oxygen into the lungs, bronchitis, and pneumonia.


10 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Peppermint is a hybrid mint that can be easily available in all over the world. It typically occurs in moist conditions and grows up to 30-90 cms tall with smooth stems, square in cross-section. Mint grows in any type of soil at a temperature of 60-80 F and in cool weather conditions.

Plant 1 or 2 purchased plants about 2 feet in the moist soil. It requires protection from direct sun. Water them regularly. As long as the plant grows, it spreads fragrance and keeps mosquitoes away.

The oil extracted from peppermint has high menthol content and carboxyl esters to effectively repel mosquitoes that have a calming effect on the body. NAHA ( North American Hedgehog Association) made a safety note that it should not be used for children below 30 months.

The skin may erupt into rashes, breathing problem in children and infants. Diluted peppermint essential oil is used to apply on the feet of infants. It cures gastric emptying disorders, tuberculosis, breastfeeding associated with nipple pain.


10 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Basil not only works well to keep mosquitoes away but also contains disease-fighting antioxidants like phenols. It is very smooth and doesn’t harm your skin.

To grow basil in your home, plant seeds at 70 F in a moist, well-drained fertile soil. It grows easily and inexpensively. Basil Leaves have a typical scent when crushed and act as a cooling agent for the skin.

Health Benefits

  • It can cure asthma, influenza and the common cold.
  • Also used in Ayurvedic medicine as adaptive to counter stress.


10 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Catnip produces characteristic odor which is ten times more effective at repelling mosquitoes than other plants. Plant it in a sunny area or shaded area and in alkaline soil. Apply the crushed petals of catnip on your skin. It contains Nepetalactone compound that will keep you away from insects. It is harmful to children and pets.

Health Benefits

  • Catnip leaves and flowers in tea helps to treat insomnia, headaches, and arthritis.
  • It speeds up the healing process.
  • It acts as anti-inflammatory agent.


10 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Garlic acts as a natural insect repellent in many ways. One way is to cut garlic, make a fine powder and sprinkle around your house. And the other is to mix with natural aromatic oils to produce mosquito repelling body sprays.

To grow garlic in your home requires a rich fertile loam soil or silty loam soil. It grows to a height of 4 feet and nutrients contain a compound called allicin hated by mosquitoes.

Health Benefits

It controls high BP, cholesterol and can combat sickness including cold.


  • Use fertilizers such as compost or manure to the soil.
  • Pinch off the leaves or stems to ensure new and better growth.
  • Water the plants regularly and provide sunlight for a minimum of 8 hours a day.
  • Keep the plants away from children and pets as it can cause severe health problems.
  • Wear gardening clothes that will protect when you spend more time at outdoors.

Start growing these 10 beautiful fragrant plants in containers that add beauty to your garden, repel mosquitoes and improves your health. If you have amazing ideas about growing fragrant plants at home, please share your experience with us.

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