Easy Steps to Make DIY Rain Barrel from Garbage Can

Rain barrel device is a mini water tank for collecting and maintaining harvested rain. Stored water can be used for gardening, agriculture and washing bikes & cars. It doesn’t contain chemical compounds than in tap water. Rainwater may have high initial cost. At homes, we use small barrels to store rainwater.

Benefits of using Rain Barrel

  • Saves money (Cheap) and water.
  • Supplies nutrients to plants.
  • Reduces soil erosion and floods.
  • Improves your soil fertility and environment.
  • Rainwater is freely available and easy to store in barrels.
  • Rainwater is eco-friendly and keeps the compost soil moist.
  • With rainwater, you can clean your beloved cars and bikes.
  • Improves the growth of plants by feeding them with rainwater.

As it is the rainy season and you desire to collect rainwater for home appliances. Though we have many ways to harvest rainwater like simply collecting rainwater in plastic drums, here is the best way to store rainwater in a barrel. You can buy them at home improvement stores, garden centers and online or prepare at home. Preparing rainwater barrels at home saves your money.


  • Garbage Can (55 gallons of water)
  • Drill machine
  • Window screen role
  • Flat metal washers
  • Rubber washers
  • Nozzle set
  • Faucets and Spigots
  • Knife, scissors, Teflon tape, screwdriver, nuts, and bolts.

Procedure for making Rain Barrel

  • Select garbage can that can store 55 gallons of water.
  • Make a hole in the trash/garbage can few inches above from the bottom of the trash can.
  • Now cover the holes with rubber washers from leaking out of the barrel and fix spigots into it.
  • Repeat the same for 2nd faucet at the top of the trash can for overflow.
  • Place window screen on top of the trash can.
  • Be sure the can is clean before trimming off the screen rolls. Your rain barrel is ready to use now.

Working with Rain Barrel

Rain barrel sets the water runoff from the rooftops, garage, and sheds. Rainwater is directed into the barrel from pipes. They have the large opening at the top to allow water from the downspout. When it rains, fill the barrel with rainwater from the downspout. If there is more pressure in the downspout, water comes out more quickly.

Now you need to place rain barrel in the right position. Install and position the barrel beneath the rain downspout. If the barrel is completely filled, you can prefer 2nd or multiple barrels depending upon heavy rainfall. Once the 1st barrel fills up the water just flows into another. You can also use a diverter attached to the downspout and rain barrel. When the barrel is full, water continues to the downspout eliminating overflow.

Cleaning – Rain Barrel

Before starting, you need planning and preparation to do so. Choose the garbage can and clean it.

  • Open valve of the barrel and disconnect rain barrel from water collection system.
  • Flip the barrel, remove sediment on it and clean it with a solution.
  • Empty the cleaning products from the barrel and when it is dry return it to the water collection system.

How to collect Rainwater from Barrel

Barrels capture water from rooftops and hold it for other uses like watering plants and domestic usage. It’s the best way to conserve water from heavy rains and used efficiently.

  • Collect rainwater in barrels or large containers

 Rain barrels are made up of plastic and can be bought at home improvement store. Place rain barrels below downspouts to collect water from the roof. New barrels have covers to keep mosquitoes, animals, and children away.

  • Install rainwater collection system

 Rainwater collection system consists of large tanks that collect rainwater from roofs and gutters.  You can use rainwater for cooking, showering, washing clothes and watering your lawns. They are very expensive and install properly.

  • Use rain chains instead of traditional down sprouts

 Rain chains are another alternative to conventional downspouts. Chains are made of copper and guide the rain from roofs, down the chain into your garden.

  • Use household or yard products to catch rainwater

Watering cans, children swimming pools, and pots can be used to collect rainwater for watering plants in your garden. Water stored in open containers should be used quickly to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.


There are few things you need to take care of while using barrels.

  • Always cover rain barrel with a lid or protective cover to prevent the growth of algae and mosquitoes.
  • Make sure barrel has a tight connection at the top where water enters into the barrel.
  • Use collected water for plants & cleaning purposes and not for humans and animal consumption.
  • Use multiple barrels to capture heavy rain.

Easy Steps to Make DIY Rain Barrel from Garbage Can

You can make rain barrel in your home with proper care for harvesting rainwater. If you have amazing ideas for making the homemade rain barrel, please share it with us.

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