10 Best Plants that Grows in Shade without Sunlight at Home

10 Best Plants that Grows in Shade without Sunlight at Home

Most of us have no idea that the quality of air can affect overall health. Houseplants add not only pure air but also improve your health.  It brings the beauty of outdoors to inside and makes the environment feel more refreshing. Many studies show that spending time with nature or houseplants also helps to boost your mood and lower blood pressure. The 10 best plants that thrive without sunlight in pots are given below…


10 Best Plants that Grows in Shade without Sunlight at Home

Dracaena plant species are native to Africa and grow well in South Asia and Australia. They are commonly known as dragon trees in desert areas and widely used as ornamental plants.

Dracaena plants are suitable for houseplants. Plants may reach a height of 4mts. It’s a slow-growing plant with an oval shape and the leaves are spiral at the base margin. Flowers are small with white color and appear in winter season. It prefers bright light without exposure to sunlight. It requires less amount of water and should fertilize weekly twice.  Maintain the temperature between 65-75F when grown indoors.

Dracaena Growing Conditions

Scientific Name                    :               Dracaena marginata

Soil pH                                   :               6-6.5

Height                                    :               6 feet tall

Flowers                                  :               White, pink, cream

Fertilizers                             :               N-P-K

For more information refer: How do you Care for Dracaena Marginata 


10 Best Plants that Grows in Shade without Sunlight at Home

Growing bromeliads as the houseplant are easy and bring texture & color to the interior garden. These plants are available at garden centers as air-plants and need the medium to bright light. Some plants are heavily fragrant that resembles clove species.

Bromeliad is a family of monocot flowering plants that are native to sub-tropical regions. puya raimondii is tallest (3-4 meters) and Spanish moss is the smallest of all varieties. Foliage may vary in shape from broad to flat and symmetric to irregular. Leaves may show maroon, white, red, yellow and cream color variations. These plants adapt to various climatic conditions.

Bromeliads Plant Growing Conditions

Scientific Name                   :               Bromeliaceae

Soil pH                                  :               5.5-6.5

Height                                   :               2-3 feet tall

Flowers                                 :               Pink, red, yellow, purple

Fertilizers                            :               Organic compost

Snake Plant

10 Best Plants that Grows in Shade without Sunlight at Home

Snake plants are easy to take care of and water little for every 2-3 weeks. It is a low maintenance plant and has applications in air-purifying and interior decorating. Also, filters oxygen from surroundings and thereby improving overall atmosphere of your home.

Snake plant usually emits oxygen at night times that leads to better sleep. It also protects humans from causing headaches, respiratory symptoms, eye irritation, and improves productivity levels.

Snake Plant Growing Conditions

Scientific Name                   :               Sansevieria Trifasciata

Soil pH                                  :               5.5-7.5

Height                                   :               2-3 feet

Flowers                                 :               White creamy flowers

Fertilizers                             :               N-P-K (10-10-10)

For more information refer:  How to Care for Air-Purifying Snake Plant 

Money Plant/Golden Pothos

10 Best Plants that Grows in Shade without Sunlight at Home

Epipremnum Aureum is the scientific name for money plant or golden pothos. Money plants are extremely popular in North America. It is a popular houseplant with heart-shaped leaves and grows well in moderate temperate regions. Leaves are yellow, white or light green color as a decorative item in offices, shopping malls, and other public locations.

It’s a hard plant that can also survive in low light and cold temperatures. It is more often used in homes & offices to purify the air. Though pests like bugs, mites, and scales affect the plants, you can place it near bedroom window to detoxify the air coming in. It also boosts your mood and gives an assist in breathing.

Money Plant Growing Conditions

Scientific Name                   :               Epipremnum aureum

Soil pH                                  :               6-7.5

Height                                   :               6-7 feet

Flowers                                 :               White, purple

Fertilizers                             :               Eggshells, Compost

For more information refer:  How to Grow and Care for Money plant

Spider Plant

10 Best Plants that Grows in Shade without Sunlight at Home

Chlorophytum comosum or spider plant is an air-purifying plant that grows to a height of 60 cms with simple green, yellow-colored leaves that suits any decorating. It grows well in Africa and spreads worldwide. This plant is perfect for a bedroom with low maintenance and cost.

Spider plant is a natural air-purifier that removes harmful toxins from the air with 90% efficiency both day and night. It completely eliminates fumes and bad odors thereby promoting better sleep. Though it is helpful in moderating earth’s temperature, may harm to humans causing headache and weakness.

Spider Plant Growing Conditions

Scientific Name                   :               Chlorophytum comosum

Soil pH                                  :               6-7.2

Height                                   :               2-3 feet

Flowers                                 :               White

Fertilizers                            :               Liquid fertilizers

For more information refer:   New Ideas for Spider Plants

Peace Lily

10 Best Plants that Grows in Shade without Sunlight at Home

The peace lily is also known as spathiphyllum. It is an everlasting flowering plant that grows to a height of 60-150 centimeters with symmetrically shaped leaves. Flowers have petals and sepals that are identical in color and size.  These plants don’t require large amounts of water or sunlight thrive as it is very easy to care.

White lily comes from Liliaceae family and grows well in Mediterranean regions. The moisture created by striking these flowers can boost the room atmosphere by 5%. It is used in beauty products such as powders, perfumes, and lotions. Also helps to relieve symptoms like stress, dry noses, and throat problems.

Peace Lily Growing Conditions

Scientific Name                   :               Spathiphyllum

Soil pH                                  :               5.8-6.5

Height                                   :               2-3 feet

Flowers                                 :               White, pink, purple

Fertilizers                            :               N-P-K (20-20-20)


10 Best Plants that Grows in Shade without Sunlight at Home

Philodendron is a large flowering plant in the family of Araceae family. These are grown as ornamental indoor plants. It produces aerial roots and absorbs nutrients from the soil. Philodendrons are suitable for growing in dark areas. Leaves are large, deeply cut with less pinnate and can be the shape of oval or spherical.

To grow philodendrons in your home set the plant in a bright location or shaded region i.e. indirect sunlight. Placing it in direct sun may damage the plant growth. It results the philodendron plant leaves to turn yellow and dry leaves. It is used to treat illness, allergies, and stains on your skin.

Philodendron Growing Conditions

Scientific Name                   :               Philodendron bipinnatifidum

Soil pH                                  :               4.5-6

Height                                   :               6 feet tall

Flowers                                 :               White, Yellow

Fertilizers                            :               N-P-K fertilizer

Creeping Fig

10 Best Plants that Grows in Shade without Sunlight at Home

Creeping fig is often called as Ficus pumila or climbing fig. It is a flowering indoor plant in the family of mulberry and native to Asia, America, China, Japan, and Vietnam. It is a woody evergreen shrub that grows to a height of 2-4 meters.

Creeping fig attracts insects for pollination and these insects feed on butterfly larvae. As the name suggests; it is often used in gardens and landscapes by covering grounds and climbs trees, walls. The plant thrives fast in moderate temperate zones i.e. bright, indirect light and requires little care. Keep the soil moist but not wet. Avoid overwatering as it can spoil the plant growth.

Creeping Fig Growing Conditions

Scientific Name                  :               Ficus pumila

Soil pH                                  :               5.5-6.0

Height                                   :               10-15 feet

Flowers                                 :               White, yellow

Fertilizers                            :               Epsom salt, N-P-K

Peacock Plant

10 Best Plants that Grows in Shade without Sunlight at Home

Peacock plant or calathea is one of the most beautiful foliage plants to grow in your home. It is an evergreen plant that reaches a height of 45 centimeters when the temperature is about 61 F. It is cultivated as a houseplant and has pale green leaves with round shape. These are popular as pot plants and native to tropical American regions. Plant leaves are used for decoration and an important source of income in Thailand villages.

To grow this species vigorously in your home, you should never place it in direct sun. Watering with tap water (containing fluoride) can cause severe damage to the leaves, so use only distilled or rainwater.

Peacock Plant Growing Conditions

Scientific Name                   :               Pavo cristatus

Soil pH                                  :               6-6.5

Height                                   :               2 feet

Flowers                                 :               Pink, White

Fertilizers                            :               Nitrogen-rich fertilizer

Parlor Palm

10 Best Plants that Grows in Shade without Sunlight at Home

Parlor palm or chamaedorea elegans are small palm trees native to Mexico and the United States. It grows well in sub-tropical climates to a height of 2-3 meters.  The plant can tolerate low levels of light and humidity; though it prefers medium humid conditions and bright light. It is versatile, low- maintenance and able to grow at both indoors and outdoors with proper care.

Parlor Palm Plant Growing Conditions 

Scientific Name                   :               Chamaedorea elegans

Soil pH                                  :               5.5-6.5

Height                                   :               3-4 feet

Flowers                                 :               Yellow

Fertilizers                            :               Balanced N-P-K (20-20-20)

Growing Tips

  • It is recommended to use well-drain fertile or potting mix soil for indoor plants.
  • Look out for insects, Use natural insecticides to discourage them from spoilage.
  • If your plant leaves are full of dirt, then clean with wet towel to look fresh and healthy.
  • Fertilize your plants with balanced liquid fertilizers once in a month during its growing season.
  • Regular pruning is required for indoor plants so as to keep the plant in desired size and shape.
  • The pot or container you use to sow houseplant should contain holes at the bottom for proper drainage.
  • Even though plants require moist soil, Avoid over watering houseplants as it damages the plant growth.

What are the best plants to have in your bedroom?

Here is the list of top 10 popular bedroom plants that you can grow which also helps you to sleep better at night times by purifying air.

  • Dracaena
  • Peacock Plant
  • Parlor Palm Plant
  • Creeping Fig
  • Philodendron
  • Peace Lily
  • Bromeliads
  • Snake Plant
  • Money Plant
  • Spider Plant

Can plants grow without sunlight?

Yes, you can grow plants without sunlight. The sun provides energy to the plants in the form of photons (light particles). If you want to grow a plant without sunlight, then you must find a light source for plants. Torch, light bulb or other artificial light emits energy in the form of photons.

But plants have photoreceptors that absorb only certain wavelengths of light. For this to happen light should be placed as close to the plant as possible, without burning the leaves.

Do plants grow in the night?

Not all plants grow well at night times because for the plant to thrive it has to perform photosynthesis process which is done in the presence of sunlight. But there are some plants that may grow well at night i.e. mostly in cool weather conditions.

Can too much sun kill a plant?

Plants get too much of energy that comes from the sunlight. When plants are exposed to extreme hot climatic conditions then there may be chances of  yellow leaves, leaf drooping and wilting.  Sometimes the baby plants may even die due to too much of sunlight as they cannot produce cholorophyll pigment as a result it looses color.

Can you keep plants in your bedroom?

There is a myth that plants do respire as humans by taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide  into the atmosphere. But is actually not. They take in carbon dioxide and rele case oxygen during day times and the process is reverse at night. Bringing plants to indoors helps you to stay strong, healthy and also adds beauty to your home.

Can plants die from too much water?

Generally, plants absorb water through root system. If the soil is too wet (over watering) for a long time then it makes difficult for the roots to take breathe. The plant growth may also diminishes and die. So water the plant in require amounts (regularly) depending upon season, soil type and location.

Why are my plant leaves turning yellow? 

Yellowing of plant leaves is called as chlorosis (absence of green chlorophyll pigment). It is mainly caused due to the damaged roots, poor drainage and nutrient deficiencies in plants.  Sometimes it can also be due to the pests and diseases  that completely spoils the growth of plants.

For more information refer: Why are my plants turning yellow?

10 Best Plants that Grows in Shade without Sunlight at Home

Start growing these 10 beautiful indoor plants that monitor your health by purifying air and makes surrounding environment look beautiful. If you have amazing ideas about growing houseplants without using sunlight, please share your experience with us in the comment section given below…

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