Golden Pothos Care – How to Plant, Grow and Care for Money plant

Golden Pothos Care - How to Plant, Grow and Care for Money plant

Do you know the benefits of money plant? | Do you know How to Grow Devil’s ivy Plant?  

Well, we are glad if you know about money plant. But if you don’t, we will help you out to know more about money plant by providing the right information to you.  Here in this article, we will let you know how to grow and care for money plant at home.

According to the NASA Clean Air Study money plant is listed as one of the top 10 air-filtering plants as it kills the harmful toxins present in the atmosphere. It is also considered as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. There is a belief that it brings wealth and abundance to the house, so mostly the householders grow them at home indoors.

These air purifying money plants are costly to buy from stores or online. So just buy money plant seeds or get the baby money plant from neighbors and grow in your home or garden space.

When you start growing money tree plant at home, you just need a lot of care for the indoor money plant by providing the right growing conditions. These homegrown money plants do not require any sort of natural fertilizers to bloom quickly as they less affected by pests & diseases problem.

Farmers cultivate money plant for its major commercial application as air-purifier and good luck plant at homes, shopping centers, offices and sold them at stores, supermarkets with high profits. If an individual knows about how to grow and care for money plants indoors easily then he is much benefitted within a less time. Follow this article to know more about money plants.

Money Plant – Epipremnum aureum- Good luck tree- golden pothos-ivy arum- silver vine-taro vine-hunters robe-Solomon islands ivy-devils ivy

Money plant is a flowering plant in the family of Araceae. These plants are native to moderate temperate regions of France. Nowadays it also spread across the tropical and sub-tropical regions of Australia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and West Indies.

They can thrive in full sun to partial shade conditions at both indoors and outdoors. Homegrown money plants may reach up to 2-3 feet tall that has aerial roots, heart-shaped leaves (in white, yellow or light green colors).

Money Plant Varieties 

Money plant varieties are classified based on its growing conditions, plant structure, and height. As there are no such enemies to golden pothos plants they can grow easily without any protective guards from neighbouring plants. The table below is completely about the money plant varieties and its specifications.

S. No  Variety Specification
1 Epipremnum aureum Tropical vine plant
2 Lunaria annua Herbaceous biennial
3 Crassula ovata Small plant with fleshy leaves
4 Pachira aquatica Tropical wetland tree
5 Pilea peperomioides Small, round dark green leaves

How to Grow Money Plant at Home From Seeds Indoors

                  Money Plant Growing Conditions

Plant                                      :               Money plant

Origin                                    :               Tropical regions

Family                                   :               Araceae

Scientific name                   :               Epipremnum aureum

Soil                                        :               Neutral soil with pH 6.0-7.5

Flowering                             :              Pink, lavender, white colors

Sunlight                               :               Partial sun

Temperature                      :               72F

Plant height                       :               3-6 feet

Fertilizers                          :               NPK fertilizer

Choose a seed variety

Purchase or buy a money plant seed variety to grow them in pots. You can also get those seeds from your friends or neighbours money plant. Before planting the seeds, make sure they are dry out and cleaned properly with a warm towel. Now place the money seeds in a pot or container to grow as an air purifying indoor plant.

Selecting pot and soil

Choose a pot that will help you from preventing the money plant from falling off. for a homegrown houseplant, you can start using a small size pot about 6 inches. You may prefer clay, ceramic or plastic pots at the beginning. Later when the grows and matures, you can use big pots or containers at home.

Epipremnum aureum plant mostly prefers neutral soil with a Ph range between 6-7.5. These are hardy plants that grow outdoors in the USDA regions of 9-11. When the plants reach a certain height, you can add more amount of potting mix soil that contains peat moss or a perlite.

Watering money plant

Water the plant regularly in small amounts on a day to day basis when it is about the height few inches. The plant matures and is ready to absorb more amount of water about 2-4 inches once in every week when the soil is completely dry. During its growing time or season, you can the plant thoroughly.

The plant does best when you maintain at room temperature. Money plants tolerate heat better than cool climatic conditions. Optimum temperature to grow money plant is 72F at home indoors. It stops growing if the temperature is below 55F.

Pests and Diseases

Pests Diseases
Scales Powdery mildew
Spider mites Damping off
Mealy bugs Gray fuzzy mold
 White flies Root rot
Aphids Fusarium wilt
Thrips Necrotic leaves
Fungus gnats Yellow leaf edges

Nutrient Deficiency Problems

S.No Element Deficiency Symptom
1 Calcium Hook shaped leaves, leafy tip edges may die
2 Nitrogen Older leaves, light  green foliage, yellow stems
3 Magnesium Slow growth, pale yellow leaves, dark spots on new leaf
4 Phosphorus Small leaves, reddish-purple tints, older leaves turn black
5 Potassium Scorched leaves, yellowing between leaf veins
6 Sulfur Stunted growth, pale yellow color leaves

For money plant like good growing conditions, there are some factors that affect or damages the plant growth. Even though the money plant is healthy, there may be sudden changes in the plant like yellow leaves, leaf dropping and brown edges. All these symptoms are mainly due to the lack of sunlight, water, and minerals to the plants. To overcome all these problems like pests, diseases and nutrient deficiency issues in money plant feed the plant with good organic fertilizers at the base and wipe the leaves with neem oil gently.

Pruning and Repotting 

Best time to prune money plant is the winter season but is actually not necessary. If you wish to trim off the small unhealthy leaves and stems to encourage new growth better prune all at once instead of pruning at different times. Make use of gardening tools like shears, scissors, and cutters to prune the money plant.

Repot the money plant during spring or summer season while the plant is actively growing. As the plant grows bigger (establishes roots) every year you need to transplant it to bigger pots or containers.


Fertilize the money tree once in every 2 weeks during the spring and the summer season. The growth of money plant is closely related to the size of the pot. For fertilizing money plant you can use any type of fertilizers such as liquid NPK fertilizer, organic compost or manure, Egg shells, Epsom salt and Baking soda to improve the plant growth.

If you fertilize the plant other than its growing season there may be chances of damaging the plant growth. Make sure you apply only the recommended dosage as per the instructions are given on fertilizers.

How to Propagate Money Plant from Cuttings?

Money plant is easy to propagate from stem cuttings than growing it from seeds. You can grow them in both water and soil as per your choice.  Given below are the list of procedures to grow money plant from stem cuttings or leaves.

How to Grow Money Plant in Water

To grow money plant in water, start choosing a stem cutting of size 20-30cms. Now cut the stem at an angle 45° at a node where the leaf emerges. Make sure the branch should have at least 3 nodes on it.

  • Place the stem cutting in a glass or jar of water and make sure at least one node of the stem should be below the water level.
  • Place the jar near a window location i.e. where it receives maximum sunlight about 6 hours a day.
  • Within few weeks new roots establish and continues to grow.
  • Change the water in the glass or jar once or twice in a week.
  • If you wish to add fertilizers then prefer liquid nitrogen fertilizer that best suits for water growing money plants.

How to Grow Money Plant in Soil

Instead of growing in water, you can start growing money plant from stem cutting in soil. Most of the cultivators prefer this method as it very easy does not require much care, but whereas when you grow in water, there may be chances of damaging the roots, leaves and stems due to consumption of excess water by the plant tissues. Here is the simple procedure to grow money tree in soil at outdoors or  landscape method.

Take a healthy stem cutting of height 20-3ocms to grow outdoors. Place the money tree cuttings in  a well-drain fertile soil. You can also mix sandy, clay or potting mix soil to it.  Water well until the root are formed and also to grow faster. Allow the soil to dry completely between 2 successive waterings. Over watering money plants may result in yellow leaves, leaf curling, broad stems and roots bulges out. Add the required fertilizer to the plant depending on the type of soil used.

How to Grow Money Plant using Jelly

To start growing money plant from  jellies, take a baby money plant and place it a glass containing (3/4)th of jellies. these jellies have the capability to store water for a long time. Using jellies is easy, low cost and time-saving method to propagate money plant. Within 3-4 weeks the baby money plant starts establishing new young leaves and roots. It also adds beauty to your home indoors and is ready to transplant outdoors.

How to Care for Money Plant?

Here is the step by step procedure to care for your money plants both at indoors (home) and outdoors (landscape).

  • Usually repotting can be done for every 2-3 years in case of the money tree.
  • Give a nice and beautiful look to your money tree using a pruning shears.
  • During the winter season, the plant does not require too much of water to thrive.
  • If the money tree looks dry to raise the humidity levels of the soil by adding mulches to it.
  • Place the plant in any location (mostly the window area) to receive bright indirect sunlight.
  • Make sure the money plant is not prone to extreme hot or warm and cool climatic conditions.
  • Transplant the money tree to bigger pots only when the roots completely emerges out of the pot.

Is money plant a flowering plant?

Money plant is a perennial flowering plant that is grown for its white silvery seed pods appears to be flattened disc shape. Plants bloom with the clusters of lavender color flowers in spring and summer season. These beautiful small flowers are available in white and pink color combinations.

How to harvest money plant seeds?

When you find the seed pods that are dried on money plant, save them. Now remove the seed pods from the plant, spread widely to dry out from sometime. Open the seed pods and remove the flat seeds from it. Store the seeds in a cool, dry place to plant it in a right growing season.

Why are the leaves of money tree turning yellow?

Yellowing of money tree leaves is due to the too much of sunlight, over or under watering, temperature fluctuations throughout the day and night. Sometimes it can also be due to the amount of nutrients supplied to the plants. So it’s  better to keep the plant away from direct sunlight i.e. neutral humid conditions.

For more information refer:  Why are my plants turning yellow?

Is money plant poisonous to your pets?

Money plant is not at all toxic to your pets especially cats and dogs. But sometimes there may be chances of effecting your pets with irritations, stomach upset, allergies, dropping, cough, choking and vomiting  when chewed the plant leaves and stems. So keep cats and dogs away from the money plants to prevent the plant from damaging.

What are the good companions for money plant?

Choose the best companion plants that have same soil and moisture needs. Placing pothos under a cactus will result in the certain death of the cactus. Money plant can be planted together with lucky bamboo, snake plant, orchids, fern, aglaonema and peperomia works well because they are succulents and need the same growing conditions as that of money plant. Planting them together helps to deter pests and boosts the ivy plant growth.

Golden Pothos Care - How to Plant, Grow and Care for Money plant

Now you are familiar with money plant or devils ivy, start growing devils ivy plant in your home that monitors your health by suppressing the harmful chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde. If you have amazing ideas about growing and caring of money plants or devils ivy, please share your experience with us.

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