How to Improve Your Garden Soil Without a Compost Heap

How to Improve Your Garden Soil Without a Compost Heap

The compost heap is an organic matter that is decomposed, recycled and used as a fertilizer. Compost is a key ingredient in organic farming. Though compost heap is a natural way to improve soil fertility it takes time to prepare. You can’t actually change the type of soil but adding organic matter makes your soil more like loam which can boosts plant growth.

It’s a great way to save waste and enrich soil without using compost heap. Even the best soil needs constant improvement and the best way to do it by adding organic matter in the form of ripening fruits and vegetables, leaves. You can even add kitchen scraps directly to the soil instead of the compost heap. You must have time, space and conditions to do so.

Best ways to improve garden soil naturally.

Banana Peels

Banana peels are another waste products that can be placed in the garden for soil fertility and plant growth. Cut banana peels into small pieces and add them directly to the soil. It will break down quickly and allow microorganisms in the soil to work. It creates organic matter resulting in a light, drained soil with full of earthworms. Banana peels add potential nutrients like magnesium, calcium, sulfur, sodium, potassium, and phosphates to the soil which helps the plants to grow well and develop fruits.

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds need not be composted as it can be used as fertilizer by adding them directly to the soil. Adding coffee grounds to the soil improves nitrogen levels, drainage, soil retention and aeration. To keep pH of the soil unchanged use coffee grounds. It is used as mulch around plants and attracts earthworms which provides food(to roots) for plant growth.


It’s an amazing way to use Eggshells for improving garden soil without compost heap. Allow eggshells to dry for few days in sunlight or by a radiator. Crush shells and make a fine powder. Crushed eggshells add calcium to your garden soil.

Crushed egg Shells deters snails and slugs. It acts as a barrier for young seedlings and protects them from pesky insects. It also improves drainage, promotes plant growth and prevents blossom end rot in tomatoes and squash plants.

Orange peels

Spring and summer are the perfect months to enjoy a juicy orange. After eating don’t through the peels in the trash. We can use peels for garden soil providing nutrients, pest protection and much more.

When you add orange peels directly into the soil in your garden, kills aphids that spoil greenery, causing holes and repel mosquitoes.


Azomite is a complex silica ore with other trace chemicals. It contains all the nutrients that are present in the soil. Azomite balances the acidity of the soil. When applied to soil that is damaged because of soil erosion and acid rain, improves the soil by adding minerals.

Makes Fruits and vegetables healthier.

It has better plant growth compared to other plants cultivated with chemical fertilizers.


Rabbit manure can also be used without composting. Rabbit manures are rich in phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen and trace elements like calcium, copper, magnesium, and sulfur. You can put it in garden soil without worrying about your plants and improves soil resulting in high yield crop plants.

Improve Your Garden Soil Without a Compost Heap

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