Amazing Vinegar Uses In Garden

Amazing Vinegar Uses In Garden

We are in the process of transforming the garden into a more environmentally friendly place. For the gardening purpose, we use all kinds of pesticides, chemicals, and toxic substances that damage the environment to keep pests away and ensure the growth of plants. Vinegar is the right option for those who look for an eco-friendly product that is both affordable and safe. It gives life to flowers, fruits, and vegetables in your garden.

Vinegar is a liquid consisting of 5-20% of acetic acid, water and other trace chemicals like gallic acid, catechin, and epicatechin. White distilled vinegar has numerous uses in the garden.

Vinegar is not only used as a cooking ingredient but has a great variety of medical, industrial and domestic uses. It can also do miracles in garden and gardening tools. It feels good about keeping children away from pesticides and other chemicals using vinegar.

Here are top 11 amazing vinegar uses in the garden.

Keep away animals from garden

Amazing Vinegar Uses In Garden

If you have a problem with dogs, cats and rabbits in the garden just spray white vinegar on plants. When Vinegar containing antioxidants like acetic acid and gallic acid sprayed in the garden will keep animals away and never come back again. You can also soak clothes in vinegar and hang them around the garden.

Clean dirty clay pots

Amazing Vinegar Uses In Garden

Clay pots keep the soil moist and protect plants in summer. But it absorbs minerals and fertilizers that are used for high yielding and becomes dirty. Using white vinegar solution it is easy to remove the stains from clay pots.

Simple procedure to clean pots using vinegar is to soak clay pot in a cup of vinegar mixed with 3-4 cups of water. Leave pot to soak for (1/2) hour. Take out the pot and rinse the remaining stains with pure vinegar. If you still find residues on pots wipe them using undiluted vinegar.

Boost the growth of acid-loving plants

Amazing Vinegar Uses In Garden

To boost the acid-loving plants such as azalea, gardenias and rhododendrons make use of vinegar. Although the effect is temporary, Vinegar containing compounds like catechin and epicatechin will boost the acid-loving plants quickly. For this mix a cup of vinegar with a gallon of water and apply the solution to plants that can thrive faster.

Kills weeds in unwanted areas

Amazing Vinegar Uses In Garden

It is an effective and inexpensive way to kill weeds that destroy the beautiful garden. Spray pure vinegar on unwanted weeds in your garden, it will kill weeds in 2-3 days after applying on plants and looks amazing.

Kills slugs and snails

Amazing Vinegar Uses In Garden

Slugs and snails feed on young seedlings of plants and create nuisance for gardeners. Many methods have been used to control them but didn’t work out well. Vinegar is a perfect anti-snail/anti-slug product. Using vinegar as an organic pesticide will keep tiny creatures away from your garden. It acts as a poison for snails and slugs and kills them.

Save plants from fungus

Amazing Vinegar Uses In Garden

If plants don’t grow properly or have dark spots on stems and leave it might be because of fungus and molds. Protect the plants using white vinegar. For this add 2-3 teaspoons of white vinegar to brewed chamomile tea. Spray the solution on plants affected by fungus. As the solution is safe and organic it will fight against fungus and molds.

But for roses require a different method. Mix 3 teaspoons of cider vinegar to 4 liters of water. Spray the solution on roses to prevent them from fungal diseases.

For seed germination

Amazing Vinegar Uses In Garden

Vinegar is useful for seed germination especially for the seeds that are more difficult to germinate like okra, moonflowers, glories, and asparagus.

Firstly wipe the seeds using coarse sandpaper. Do it in the night before planting the seeds. Mix 500 ml of warm water, 125 ml of vinegar and a squirt of washing liquid. Now, Soak seeds in the obtained solution and plant them the very next day.

Rust eliminator for garden tools

Amazing Vinegar Uses In Garden

When the metal has rust, throwing it away and replacing it with new ones isn’t a great option as it is cost effective. You can remove rust using commercial sprays and household ingredients such as aluminum foil and vinegar. Undiluted vinegar serves best for removing rust from garden tools. Spray or soak garden tools on undiluted vinegar solution and leave them for few minutes. Rinse the tools well as it looks new again.

Repel Ants

Amazing Vinegar Uses In Garden

Vinegar is the best organic insecticide that repels ants. To kill or repel ants mix equal amounts of water and vinegar. Spray the solution in ant affected areas of your home and garden. Within no time ants will disappear or may die due to the strong aroma of vinegar solution. Apply the solution again after few days and will never see ants in that particular area.

Deter fruit flies

Amazing Vinegar Uses In Garden

Fruit flies are called vinegar flies. They are common in homes, restaurants, and supermarkets and mostly found in summer because flies are more attracted to ripened fruits and vegetables.

To protect fruit crops from fruit flies add a cup of cider vinegar, 1tspn of molasses, a cup of water and a (1/4) cup of sugar. Pour the solution into the container and hang it on a fruit tree. This solution will attract the fruit flies and trap them. We can use this solution for other household flies too.

Extend life of cut flowers

Amazing Vinegar Uses In Garden

To make cut flowers for long last simply by feeding them with organic compost. If you wish to extend the life of cut flowers and make flowers fresh use vinegar.

Add 2tspns of vinegar and 1tspn of sugar per 1ltr of water. Put flowers in the solution and change it for every 3-5 days. Flowers use it as food and will perk up by spreading its fragrance.

Health Benefits

Health benefits of vinegar are listed below.

Cancer: The antioxidant properties of vinegar help to fight against cancer. Vinegar inhibits the growth of cancer cells in lungs, breast, prostate, and brain. Consuming vinegar can also reduce the risk of esophageal cancer.

Weight loss: Vinegar helps to lose weight as it has anti-obesity properties by reducing the total amount of food consumed. To lose weight quickly consume 2tspns of red raspberry vinegar daily for 4 weeks and you will be surprised with the result.

Heart health: The chlorogenic acid in vinegar increase oxidation levels and improves health by preventing cardiovascular diseases. It also lowers Blood Pressure.

Increase nutrient absorption: Vinegar is rich in acetic acid. It increases the body absorption levels of minerals from the food you eat. Drinking mild tonic vinegar mixed with water before meals can improve person’s ability to extract minerals from the food.


  • Store vinegar in a cool, well-ventilated area in a tightly sealed container.
  • Handle the homemade solution with proper care.
  • Keep children and pets away from it.
  • Don’t use vinegar to clean your teeth and for pregnant woman as it leads to health issues.

Amazing Vinegar Uses In Garden

Make use of vinegar that helps to look beautiful in your garden. If you have amazing ideas about vinegar uses, please share your experience with us.

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